I’m a UK based Artist and Art Director working in the medium of 3d. My work is often inspired by dreams, human connection, world affairs and mental health. I also count music as one of my biggest daily inspirations.

In my day job I am an Art Director at Cape & Monocle where I predominantly work on projects in the Entertainment industry and advertising sector for clients such as Sony, Universal, Island Records, BMG and Warner Music. I have also been making my own art and exhibiting in traditional spaces for over a decade.

Outside of my client work I have been been part of the NFT industry since November 2020 and first minted in February 2021. All of my pieces listed have sold out, including my recent submission as part of the Bloom Collective drop on Nifty Gateway.

I am also writing about the space and the artists in it at txid.art as well as being a member of the curation team at makersplace.com

Get in touch: Email / Smoke Signal – Preferable, but can be unreliable.


NFT Platforms

Recent Exhibits

  • Contemporary Calgary – Look22
  • Neal Gallery – Beijing Contemporary Expo – Art In Transformation

Published & Press

  • Computer Arts – Tutorials & Editorial
  • Computer Arts Projects – Editorial
  • Digital Arts Magazine- Cover
  • Macworld – Editorial

Recent Press

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