BT & Friends
7th July 2021
7pm UTC
@ The Highline by


A new monthly event in the metaverse setup to shine a light on emerging and established artists in the NFT space.

The first show is dedicated everyone that has supported me since I first entered the scene, offered advice, shared my work and supported me behind the scenes. There have been many.

In my humble opinion, these are among some of the best and most talented people moving dirt in the space right now.  



Featured artists: (alphabetical billing)

Arclight (tw/ig)
CA CHOU (tw/ig)
Clement Morin (tw/ig)
David Lisser (tw/ig)
David Porte Beckefeld (tw/ig)
Florent Porta (tw/ig)
GLOWA (tw/ig)
Josh Chaplin (tw/ig)
Kristian Levin (tw/ig)
Lau (tw/ig)
Magdiel Lopez (tw/ig)
Nikki Siu Hai (tw/ig)
Nafay (tw/ig)
Oliver Rankin (tw/ig)
P3nny (tw/ig) Rociel (tw/ig)
Shavonne Wong (tw/ig)
Taudalpoi (tw/ig)
Willea Zwey (tw/ig)
Unicity (tw/ig)
Zenavï (tw/ig)  

*** Find us across three floors at the highline. Look for the second building opposite the store and tatoo parlour. The elevator will take you up.



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